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I Am Talent - The Workshops...

We are pleased to announce a workshop series, based on the phenomenal success of the recently released book - I am Talent. The book which provides practical advice, thought provoking activities and personal mastery toolkits was written to help employees, managers, students and many others to understand Talent Management and optimize their true potential and achieve their personal and career aspirations.

John Gatherer and Debbie Craig, senior directors of Catalyst Consulting (Pty) Ltd together offer more than 45 years of practical experience in international business and consulting in the areas of talent management, leadership development, strategic change management, executive coaching, high performance teams and personal effectiveness. Catalyst has consulted to leading organizations in Southern Africa, South-East Asia, China, South America, Mexico, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Over the last six months, John and Debbie fielded requests to facilitate a number of workshops in support of the huge interest in their best-selling book. They have been piloting a number of one day and two day workshops across different organizations in the private sectors in South Africa and the Middle East, trained up a select group of support facilitators and have recently introduced an adapted version of I am Talent aimed at school leavers who need to prepare for the rigorous transition of life after school. Buoyed by the extremely positive feedback to their workshop series, they are now preparing to launch their series of workshops in I am Talent and offer their successful blueprint and personal expertise to the broader market.

The audience for these workshops is extremely broad based. Those who can benefit from these workshops include school leavers, graduates, new entrants, employees, managers, business leaders/owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, career counsellors, educators, HR practitioners and parents.

Within the same spirit and objectives of the book, the workshops take you on a journey of personal discovery and mastery through activities, tools, assessments and self-reflection that you can apply in your everyday life and work to achieve your personal goals and aspirations. It will support you as you take stock of your inner strengths, personal attributes, skills and capabilities, on your journey to being the best that you can be.

The workshops are highly interactive and are designed to challenge your thinking, create insights, motivate you to action and empower you to accelerate your growth and development within your career - and ultimately enhance your quality of life. Our workshops are customised to suit the specific needs of our clients.